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American Flower


There is no spark so we remain in the dark.

Standing alone waiting for the phone, I see a flower.

Four petal blue with red speckles in white meadows.



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I gotta roll like the tounge speaking different languages/

My accent is Unmistakable/ Unbreakable like teflon/

Your style is electron, I’m the proton, spitting photons/

I never quote rhymes, I write mines/

I’m a Phenomonon a paragon in controlling time/

I broke the code like Pi in the age of Pisces, cooler than icee’s/

I be soul aquarian all light, flow like water precisely


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Tickle me love with a feather touch.

Touch me in hidden places and bring pleasure out in the open.

Touch me from a far and embrace me even closer.

Touch the sky and bring me back a cloud sample.

Touch me with soft kisses wet like rain drops.

Touch me with the Sun and make the rain stop.

This  poem went left from right at the end so I didn’t copy any more. It is something copywriting  your own work. My goal is to not edit for these throwbacks, just copy as I wrote it at that time. My writing has changed much since a decade ago as it should.

MY HAIKUS #2 awww this is a good one lol

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Cool end of summer

Waving trees from constant wind

That is my forecast



Now check it, right now the trees are still and the air is humid than a 4$%#a

Dont try to figure. I did however kept it classic 5/7/5, this is my best Haiku. I have to give shot out to my writing mentor Irving Jefferson, give thanks if you out there family(my old head). END of Summer for sure 2013………….


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Birds flock together

Same wings different feather,

then fly off as one.


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Always in my thoughts I see you standing there.

Only in my thoughts are you over there.

Only in my thoughts could you be in a distant place.

Only in my thoughts could you be holding on.

Only in your thoughts do you need to be holding on.( me not lol )

Only in your thoughts have you let go.

I always think of LOVE and only you can be my mirror.

I only clean it when it’s smudged.

I always let it go as if your smile is a grudge.


I do’t hold any grudges nor hold the company of judges……………………


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I feel what I feel and,

I feel how speak.

I speak how I feel and

some say that I speak


because I am moving fast trying to slow down my speech.

I play with words like kids at the beach.

Digging deep, getting deeper trying to reach some water.

I throw sand over my shoulder,

watching the day get older.

The tides moving up, we have to off shore,

Back to the whip and off to the wooden strip.

A bunch of true entreprenuers at their finest