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“My emptiness wants to be filled by your presence, My stillness wants to make moves with your heart”


-Erick Howard

thought and imprinted on the brain around 8:05am

written and captured 9:13pm



woke up in the morning and thought of this, inspiration is like a rapid river spilling on a waterfall, it all gets recycled.



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Their Empire strikes back when they enter into your Space

I am a Jedi without the Mind tricks, good with pace.

Your like that princess from another world

waiting to be shifted Queen. Only to be awakened,

to see your King isn’t a dream.

Sleep beauty this world is a fairy tale. The ugly inside has gone stale.

Fresh, Def, dope, that ish. That jawn, that woman.

Make this man the dopest Emcee’s Hip Hop is in my every step .


INTERNAL OUTSOURCING #6 meets a Notable Quotable from a great to those who make me feel great

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Melodies sweet like you,

              play on my Cranial Guitar.

 From afar I can hear your notes transcribed on Ethereal Sheets,      

               written in RED ink, juicy like beets.

These beats of my heart follow a rhythm for Poetic landscapes, but the great escape is in your smile.

written by ME lol 



Come let us journey to 

          the Sky,

I promised the Moon.

All that I come from 

All that I have been,

All that I am 

All that I come to

All that I touch,

Blossoms from 

              a thorn,


Love is the condition 

of Human Beings

Being Human.

To be beloved

Is all I need

And whom I love

Is loved indeed,

There never was a Night that

Ended, or began,


Forms breaking 

Structures imaged,

Come love,

Love come

written by: Bob Kaufman (Cranial Guitar, collection of poems)


Bob Kaufman is a poet that I owe much respect to. He has inspired me to be myself in my Artistry.  




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I am sitting here being inspired double time.  Looking at my past work and thinking about my Future payoff I presently know I am blessed. I give thanks for the ability to express myself through words.  I like to be heard but know I need to quiet and still to my fill.  


Double Bubble Delicious 

Girl you the Sweedish(Sweetest)

                                                     like them red fishes.

I been fishing and never caught one, but I I would like to catch you.

I cast my line and throw my bait.

Chocolate mermaid I wanna pull you out, it has been worth the wait. 


I am copying as I wrote it, might have a little bit of corny, but at least it is straight of the cobb lol




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You see only the PAST and avoid the PRESENT, leaving it unwrapped for the FUTURE is past due.

Crashing like the market, the waves of time bring an even greater depression making you feel smaller through compression.


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I tap out and intervene rhythms, until they accept my humble accomplishments.  It is Monday as they say a start to another.  I give thanks for another because I AM THAT and just like you I AM what I AM and what I AM is not who you think.  What I be, is exactly what you experience and what you will know. To know anything you have to rise above yourself.


sitting here listening to music being inspired to let aimless word stray away @ 3:47pm


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A blank canvas

A blank page 

An empty MIND is an Artist’s domain, a habitat away far removed from turbulence.


On these vicious streets the pitiless wander penniless trying to squeeze a dollar out non-sense handed down

like the SINS from their father.

Spirit-In-New-Situations is what I mean because Paternal energy flows through me reaching my Maternal nature hidden within me. 


copied on 6/23/2014