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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Everything gone

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Everything that matters to me in this world is gone.

More lost than stranded solitude on an island of repressed guilt.

No way out, no return, only paths to burn so I am no more found.

Love is everything until LIFE gives you nothing.

I am broke like the levees or like my heart sinks titanic in a small sink because I am going under quickly, Pull me up!

I pray I pray.

I meditate, ruminate, and contemplate my next move, but I have nowhere to go.

My family thinks I aint s*** but won’t say it, until backs are against the wall.

My remaining support is pulled from under me, my manhood has fallen, and I am kicked on the grounds, which is now my grave.

This sounds like a nightmare. it is because everything is Gone.


Still out

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Yeah I am still out of the game. But guess what so is the Heat. I know it is a cold day for Lebron. Next year will be his year.

Why don’t people listen when they’re ears are turned to you and their eyes are turned to you?

Don’t play yourself! They are laughing at you and judging you under their breath. Maybe that is why all the haters suffocate.

I am opening up daily, and since the first of this Month, my eyes are curtain pulled up on the game Sam gold wants to play.

Stay tuned as to WTF he’s talking about.


Been gone but never left

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Hey my subscribers and those looking to see if I stay true to my goal.  A I said in the first post I am going through a transition. I have to be honest since the beginning of this month my world has been turned upside down, turned back, shaken, set down to settle and then spilled over like the contents want to be lost. With that being said I’ve been letting go of somethings and opening up to others. So forgive me for falling out the blog game since Wednesday. I’ve however been planning and organizing to take this blog(movement) to the next level.


Stay tuned for updates as what to expect in the next upcoming weeks as this blog is matured into it’s adult stage as if overnight. Peace and Love

Short but Sugar

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To keep it short. The most addicting substance in America is Sugar.

Everything is sugar, and everything has sugar. Ask yourself why food that shouldn’t have sugar does.

the key letters to look for on the back of labels is “ose”

I am eight days without no snack or cravings. It is the time.

This concludes my daily post. Kind of weak, but hey I am tired. Rest up, Bless up.

Back in the Wave(6/7/11- posted at 1:24 am 6/8)

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The wave is back crashing upon my coolness. Heated like conflicts and arguments my body reaches for a better condition with wings to catch some air.

The day started off not too hot for me, until about 3 this afternoon. At the top of the day I am ready for the temperature to fall. Poetry is a part of me like humidity is a part of Philly Summers.

It is here with spring escaping out the back door.



Well I apologize it is 6/8/11 and no post for 6/7/11

I started this post than, paused to eat, then got caught up with the Heat vs Mavericks. The game was tight all the way through and went to the last second with Wade choking on receiving the pass. the Mavs slid by to a tie in the series. I came home and forgot to post before midnight. To me until i go to sleep it is still the same day.

So this is posted at 1:23 am

Peace and Love

Second week- First Day

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Yes it is the second week of June.  it seems just like a inhale ago it was June 1st, on the out breath it is 1:26 pm in the afternoon.

I had a shadow training this morning with a client who flew in from Arizona to continue on his workout regimen. What I mean by shadow training is I went with my partner/owner/friend to meet this gentleman and introduce myself to let him know I will be training for the remainder of the week.  You didn’t know?

I am a personal trainer as well as an Artist. As I will show you’re an Artist in all that you do. You learn the skill or technique and them let go of the form and master the content. Then when you get in an environment you use what the moment provides and keep it flowing. Sort of like when I freestyle(rap without no planned verse)!

This is the first day of another 24 hour stretch to loosen up the bolts on this machine we called life. Machines break down but the True Living run off  Free energy(shout out to Nikola Tesla)!

Sunday producer

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Being productive everyday is the goal. Many go to church to praise God. I praise God every moment I breath. Today I had a good meditation which gave me a good start like a good breakfast.

I am on a new mission and that is to rock this planet and lets your assumptions be the guitar, follow my blog and get your strings plucked. Thats right I am learning to play and get those chords tight, like making music is a virgin endeavor. It is hard for me not to be poetic, it is easy for me to be misunderstood.

Today I was able to catch up on my branding. What am I branding, Me.

Something is changing and yet my Love is still the same.

stay tuned and you’ll see my LOVE. Peace