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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Thoughts Audible #10- Tired for Real

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I am Tired on many levels.
I have tried on Many levels
I have failed on some Levels
I have succeeded on Multi-Levels.
People are People
What is real is Fake
What is Real cant be faked.

Living for many is death

To Really Live is Death.

Who you think you are is a corpse. Who I know I am is that I AM.

My week has been long and rough moving quick seeming fast, slowed down when in it.

I have come to point of needing to let go in order to embrace. 

Finally I let them go.


Thoughts Audible #9

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I fell off on day ten back on the 19th.  Haven’t been vacating but traveling on a road most won’t even embark on.  I’ve spent many days in the park on some contemplation.  For real Now I need a vacation. Sitting listening to J-Dilla station on Pandora, as always I am fighting writing a rhyme. Much has happened and much has been passed since April 10. I have let go of things I thought I wouldn;t and embraced what I wouldn’t  expect. I have broken my creative block but now just need to invest time. Have much time but not enough time for the bullshit. I was told I need to write again. They were right. Yeah I miss lessons learned. Nah I aint in the dirt hurt and confused. I see people for who they are and Me for for what I am. I make no sense but this year I am making more dollars. I have let go of weight on my shoulders and now the load is lighter and I am much more stronger with an abundance of energy. I have plenty of inspiration around me and much LOVE from my brothers and sisters whom know who they are. 

I AM that I AM 

I AM on it

I am back on my Artisan.