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This blog is a Universe where the Artist can be inspired to create a lifestyle where creativity is the core of all thinking and feeling for manifesting a experience that all can grow and be inspired from.


a poet, emcee, writer, photographer, producer, beat maker, dreamer(who makes it all come true), Healer, meditator, light-worker, warrior, certified personal trainer, Healthy Lifestyle Consultant, business owner(Green Buttafly Services), Lover, Dedicated to my Empress(_____), Son, Brother, Friend, Honest, Open, Free, Sexy, Strong, I am a Thinker, I am a Feeler, I love Hip Hop, I am in Love with Music, I am in Love with ______ as much as my whole list, ACIM student, Researcher, I love to Read, I have Melanin, I love all creative expression, I hear music in my head, I am silly, I am serious, I am wise, I am Hueman, I am not human, I am a master, I have been a slave(to my EGO), I am Loved, I am hated on, I learn everyday, I am a teacher.

This blog will be about Life. My life. Your Life. What I see life presenting me and how I can process it through my mind which is creative at every moment of my day. My journey has carried me to this pivotal point in time where change is the only way to freedom. Follow me on this next phase of my journey. Give thanks for coming and following my BLOG.


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  1. Felicia Howard

    This is really great writing and I enjoyed it.

  2. Your words are beautiful, u string them together like a melody…. i can’t wait to see the sounds u produce, ur an ahhhhmazzzzing hueman;) (marci)

    • Thank you very much, I appreciate being seen for the light God emits thru me, words are my paint and your support is my canvas.


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