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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Imagination’s Symmetry

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I take a moment in time and stretch it,

the time it takes to throw and for you to catch it.

Imagination is with the wild things, I sketched it

I put a few ideas in my pad and etched it till it became a verse with imagery

beautiful like a feminine body with symmetry.


This started to be verse for a rhyme(rap), but hey it is all poetry to me.

I’ve been lost in the mix trying to make cake, it is hard to get a slice of decadence.



Where is the Artisan

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Where have I been? All around the universe trying to find a planet to rock.

I string stars and pluck light tunes out of darkness, to make a celestial riff.

I love this gift to spill my beans like it ready to be a pie I sell on the side of the road, with my paper saying read all about me.