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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Incomplete ascertained defeat

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This Master prepares and balances sleep. Awake during wartime, sleeping avoiding more time.


My dreams are abandoned shrines!


Baby letter, with a PS

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Pamper me baby,

cradle me sleepless.

Sing to me baby,

give one of those Hip-Hop lullabies.

I long for you baby,

that’s why I wine when short on patience.

Leave me at the crib baby,

no babysitting club members.

Only you baby,

can care take a sick youngin.

Very glad baby,

I am all grown up

Evolution baby,

and we still growing up.


Years on end baby,

and life is still beginning.


On to the next baby,

this year we going to collect our winnings. (for real!)

Universal support baby,

the Creator keeps on Loving, giving-never taking.