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In another cycle spinning thoughts that can’t be silenced. Whirlwind cools my World spin getting steady as I rock back and forth head nodding to the song I spin.

New age Dj turning tables on fables truly able to kick back with a sweet lady like Maple.

As usual no rhyme to my reason just beats in my phones for the head knock.

Thought I get back to my writing. One thing I like to do is be around people and café be that perfect space for me to take in and spit it back out. it is spring here in Philly but still the chill is holding on with a little Rain.


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If it’s the start then it can’t be the end.  The end will be the start of something old turning into something new.

Love is a constant DATE.

Life is Falling into LOVE and one day out.

Silence cant be noise unless your mind is in chatter and noiselessness is surrounding you.

To make sense you have to be a common man.

I am on some different ish,  So I guess,

some will get me or flush me out.



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“Dont believe everything you think”

              Noticed on: 7/30/14 while driving thru West Philly with my Bro J$. He pointed out a

              license plate of a car in front of us at a red light. We both gave acknowledgement to the 

              Universe for speaking to US. 


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I am the man one-day, maybe two days, few weeks more and in months I am underscored.

With the flip of a switch I am just a Man, looking for answers still in the dark.


It is a Sunday and I am contemplating the Complication, which should be easy.


Speak Truth or Live it!

That is Our only Option.

Truth will find you, me and the whole world can’t hide forever.


Unless you keep company of the Blindsided. 


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Speak to soon and it wont have no voice that much quicker. Not sure what’s the deal cause I have no cards to read.  


Another day and start of another week.  

Trying to get closer. 

With every effort I will get somewhere.  




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“When heart chatter replaces mind chatter, the power of love flows with full force”

                                         -Marianne Williamson 

Excerpts to be NOTED #1

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“Picture perfect day sitting w/ books and pen in hand,

watching the world speak silently through the storms of life.

If I could draw my inner visions, then I could color them in with your amusement.

I draw upon each breath to escape death, Now is my time to LIVE”


going into my own archives and seeing and remembering my LIFE via 2011, I captured this poetic snapshot.


Today I actually learned and relearned about myself. I GIVE THANKS TO THE MOST HIGH CHRIST –WITHIN– ME



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