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Few words in B4 Signing out

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Today has been a day of self reflection. This year has been one of transitioning and changing a way of being set in from 2yrs of stress and guilt, pain, and every emotion in between.  It is great how listening to music and reading can get me in a meditative trance. Anyway my mind is unraveling.  My thoughts, and believe me I have a multitude are pouring out of me at a high pressured flow rate. I’ve been emptying all year and when i thought it was all out, more pushes to the surface.  

After the new year my talking slows but my creativity flows.  I’ve decided that my views of the world , my passion, my experience, my opinions, my growth, my light, my spirit, can be all experienced on this blog. Which I like to call my universe.  The number one resolution  that will change my future for myself and others that I care about is I will Listen, Listen, Listen with my whole being and hear what people are telling me and asking me for.  I’ve been blessed and supported by very special one and now it is my time to be a support. 
I keep saying this blog since my return has been erratic, emotional, and even though the writing has been consistent it hasn’t been my best.  2013 is the makeover on every dimension. I will not be who I’ve been. it is all left behind in 2012 and behind.


SEE YOU 2013…………………………………….




Notable Quotables #5

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“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

courtesy of my Empress on 12/27/12
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Active Mind Ramblings

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The roots go deep

The roots go deep in repetition,        

                                                  Art is a mission,                                    

                                                                            Not a competition.

And yet I’ve been in a constant battle with myself, all my skills on top shelf, to high for me to reach.

I had to learn and relearn the same lesson and life is still testing and yet I think I can teach.

LIFE is a beach and I am kid hearted castle builder.


Happy Holidays!




Kev Brown – Christmas Wish feat. Tanzania

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THE ONlY CHRISTMAS Music I can listen to. Sorry yall but most of that ish is corny or religious. NO disrespect



check this out:

The Low Budget Crew Presents: A Low Budget Christmas EP
1. Happy Holidays Kragenoff1
2. Kev Brown Snowfall
3. Happy Holidays Kragenoff2
4. Roddy Rod Donnys Carol
5. Kaimbr Carolofthebells
6. Kev Brown feat. Tanzania Christmas Wish
7. Happy Holidays Kragenoff3
8. Kev Brown Egg Nog
9. Kaimbr MerryChristmas2U
10. Happy Holidays Kragenoff4
11. Kev Brown Were Car-roll-ing! (This Christmas)
12. Happy Holidays Kragenoff5
13. Roddy Rod Cold Outside (Christmas Time)
14. Happy Holidays Kragenoff Last In Line

Not as Usual !

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Happy Holidays to everyone out there, reading my blog today. If your just catching this NOW then Peace and LOVE and give thanks. Well today Christians around the world, so I assume are celebrating the birth of CHRIST. I say people are celebrating something else. One just has to ask themselves, gifts, spending $, debt, is this what Jesus’s birth meant. Probably for some it is, cause we forget that CHRIST is not the man Jesus. Anyway, for the past 12 yrs the holidays is not what it used to be for me.  I enjoyed the ritual of family coming together and the tradition that my mother and father provided with LOVE and great intention. Now that has changed and I am okay with that.  I really don’t want to participate in the energy of Christmas, but I have no judgement or explanation to give at this time( for real E? lol) This year has been a struggle but at the same time more consistent movement towards waking back up to mySELF.  November and December has been a whrilwind of energy, experience, and transitions. Now CHRISTMAS 2012 I am spending the HOLIDAY not like I expected it, which brings me back to learning not to have expectations and  trusting that the Christ within me will guide me.  I am without my QUEEN/EMPRESS.  Now I have come to the point of surrender and decided to fall back on my solo and be in living meditation. In 2013 I will have a series of Essays on the experiences of my spiritual journey towards ASCENSION  and my final destination of understanding. These words come of jibber jabber to me!

Anyway, you may notice that my writing has been erratic. It has been emotional. It has

been abstract. It has been naked for the world to see me free. What I am doing is

breaking through as 3yr creative block.  For one like myself creative, artistic expression is’

everything I am and everything I need to be in my path and running tings( seen )

Nah, I have been building the idea of my: website/blog

                                                                           my brand as a Artistic entrepreneur


                                                                           media Ambassador

                                                                           Designer of lifestyle management systems



                                                                           POET, WRITER, PHILOSOPHER



                                                                           The line is to be filled in when my queen is back

                                                                           in my life in this form or not. Lets see 12/24/13

                                                                           what I put on this line.

So back to what this is.

Not as Usual AM I here holiday hopping

I am HIP to my faults and I’m still not stopping

moving-moving forward-up and away to a that

sunny day, where now it’s cloudy-cold

Never to Old………

to be PRESENT.

PRESENT LEE I BE on my LONE LEE playing with words like toys

I can’t help but to open up LOVE is what I employ.

and baby-baby

Damn I been working so hard,

coming up with nothing but scars,

It’s been hard to take my living

style sub par.

BUT YET, I AM SURE I WILL SHOOT OUT(into the universe)


Check my structure all unorthodox displaying nothing but paradox. See right now I am freestyling being taken over by the freqencies coming thru. I am channeling and clearing. If your still here thanks you.

I end it with the fact that this BLOG is NOT THE USUAL!

OR AM I fooling myself believing my writing is

not as usual!

give me some comments!


Just Silence, Stillness, Present moment

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………………………………Fill In with your own thoughts……………………………………….

12/21/12 GAIA

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12/21/12 GAIA