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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Back in it to posses it(free writings)

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I am back in it because I was fronting on my skill, and now I feel ill so now now I have some artesian inventions to will.

I dont know what it means to be blocked, cause I am busting loose and sippin on that let it all out juice.

Free writing is my pastime and when you dont have anything to say and you need to get it moving write nonsense and it will soon make sense.

I own the talent only cause I bought into my own hype.



Close to it

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Yeah I am close to another year older. Many people when they pass thirty act as if they’re body has come to its final days. Many think they can’t do what they did in their twenties. Well let me tell you that you can do more than you did when you were twenty if you spend more than 20 mins per day wasting energy. If you keep active and eat better, which is cliché however true when you think about it.  One thing I can say is that now I am not focussed but a blog must have words.

I have to wake 445am to move some pretzels. Thats right Philly Pretzels. Philadelphia does love their pretzels.

Just as I was making this post, my Empress came thru to see me. The ultimate surprise and best part of my day by far.

I guess I was close to it. I was close to saying I’ve been struggling to write, thinking I have to be clever everyday. But sometimes it is just about writing and getting words out. I want to be a better writer and this is the best way to get CLOSE TO IT

Tap out

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Already I have to tap out.

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of myself as a writer. Tonight I feel like writing myself a bedtime story. Called take my ass to bed.

Tomorrow I will write you an explanation.