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I AM in the ALL #1

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“I am in the all and the all is in me. 

Open up your eyes and tell me what you see.

Is it you or me? Nah we’re both the same we just like mirrors.

The difference is my vision is much more clearer”

This is a start of a new series I AM in the ALL chronicles, this is inspired by a poem, which turned out to be a hook for a song never created. I originally heard this spoken by my long lost bro Rafik at a poetry reading, it has stuck with me. “I am in the ALL and the ALL is in ME”


I AM witted clear and foggy. I am a paradox reversed.

I AM dumbfounded and smartly discovered, my character is concealed and my TRUTH is uncovered.

I AM a writer with an empty mind and a filled heart.  

I am a painter who fills his brush with words and strokes masterpieces. 

I AM a LOVER looking to land. I keep the sky close and push darkness far out into space.

I AM a sundial turned towards shadows to reveal what time it is. 


Come Love Come lets journey………………………………………………


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