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I am a passenger on this road and we keep on switching lanes.
Windy roads sometimes straightened twist & turn my sense of direction.
Destination blurry for some, fully clear for I.
Gravity I defy,
calamity I pass by. I am grounded but still fly.
I pay attention to all the details and feel the bumps in the road.
I am old new school like, to enter this vehicle you need the code.

It has been a arduous journey finding my way back to my royal kingdom. Havent arrived yet but see light in the distance.


Trying to keep this up: writing, healing, processing, searching, finding, losing, LOVING, craving, satisfying, paint with sound light and color, Produce my heart song, make bangers, Kick Sam Gold’s ass lol, nurture,Surrender, forgiving, BEING E





Bring it Back






Silence and thoughts floating by as if in a bubble. When I touch them to try understand them they pop, I am back where I started. Nah lol. My mind is on spill mode. Words keep spilling out of me. But I guess it is a mirror of my thoughts.

The day is beautiful and I am about to spend it beautifully, at least intend to.

All the beauty around me wont make it hard, woman are magical(for real though).

I guess that makes me a WIZARD.

I am on some different ish though.  I dont use trickery and illusion.  I see whats over there to make the on-lookers think thats what I see, but I always see whats in

front of me cause that is where the truth and illusion is.  Being able to decipher, intuit, and master mind is the where the MAGIC is AT.

You have to know the basics and master the intermediate and be a grand master to win.

You can’t play a play maker.

Chess pieces move themselves,

                             strategy is moved by MIND.

KINGs and QUEENs are knocked off the board by slight of hand

That is why I mind my business and make moves towards a QUEEN

along the way all i see is potential queens.


aiight it is time to get outside now and stop this nonsense. lol


I keep on adding and editing, cause I can’t quiet the riot lol.  ended @ 11:55am July 5 2014 lol…….

then back at it adding and editing for the final @ 12:08



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