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INTERNAL OUTSOURCING #6 meets a Notable Quotable from a great to those who make me feel great

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Melodies sweet like you,

              play on my Cranial Guitar.

 From afar I can hear your notes transcribed on Ethereal Sheets,      

               written in RED ink, juicy like beets.

These beats of my heart follow a rhythm for Poetic landscapes, but the great escape is in your smile.

written by ME lol 



Come let us journey to 

          the Sky,

I promised the Moon.

All that I come from 

All that I have been,

All that I am 

All that I come to

All that I touch,

Blossoms from 

              a thorn,


Love is the condition 

of Human Beings

Being Human.

To be beloved

Is all I need

And whom I love

Is loved indeed,

There never was a Night that

Ended, or began,


Forms breaking 

Structures imaged,

Come love,

Love come

written by: Bob Kaufman (Cranial Guitar, collection of poems)


Bob Kaufman is a poet that I owe much respect to. He has inspired me to be myself in my Artistry.  




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