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Day 10 of NaPoWriMo! ENtry #6

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Okay yes, I have slipped on writing everyday of the month. They did say it was hard for many. I guess I am that one of many. But I got plenty of room to fill screens with wordplay. My fault I am sitting here listening to some dope beats, and bout to write a rhyme. Hip HOp all day lol

“And now, the (again, optional) prompt. Many of us have read and even written love poems. But have you written an un-love poem?”


Kill me with Silence


I Try to listen with open ears thru the years, eliminate fears

 but I come out the courageous coward.

Battle wombs with out the sense of pain, just wispering war cry’s 

I feel broken with no ties.

But now I am just using fillers, this Lover man no Killer

I heal the painstaking process of letting go, on the go

 never thinking poor.

Pronounce it Po, for Piling Opposition,

Never intended to pick fights, but never saw submission.


Okay I am finished. This is just a free flow verse going where the music is taking me.

Aiight lets come back for Day 11


























































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