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NaPoWriMo ENTRY # 2

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“Today’s prompt is drawn from an idea that Kelsey Howard gave me — that of a poem that tells a lie. I think you could have a poem that’s all lies (that could be very funny — full of things like “the sun is the size of a nickel”) or a poem that steadily builds to telling one big whopper. I can imagine these being very poignant, or very much like goofy shaggy-dog stories. I suppose it all comes down to what you want to lie about!”

Ripe apples hang on to branches like I did my woman,

She didn’t LOVE me, she just hated the idea of Happiness.

Woman want soft men to hit them hard in the Heart.

I am  angry as a happy man searching for enjoyment in LIFE.

I am a lier, I play the game called Truthful.

I am empty for words, if you know me, you know that is Poetic,

Silence is Pathetic and I am guilty of being bored busily. 




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