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I’ve been on a quest to find that ME. The I that is, as ONE can only BE.

Ever since my Bornday 1/19/13 my LIFE experience has expanded. The expansion comes with some contraction though. I see what my LIFE can be, what it was, and how it wasn’t. I am abstract in my thinking, so excuse the style of thought display.  Everyday it amazes me how much I have lost in just 2yrs. My loss is not just my Father, my HOME(South Philly, you know the area) my pets, and more importantly my Queen. But my sense of me. The I that is Erick the E that inspires me and aims to inspire you. Yeah, I was lost and now I am found.

Women inspire me. It has been a journey of great inner proportions staying with my Mother due to my lady kicking me out.  It has been a ride allowing myself to connect with bro Fiko. I have seen how I was afraid of my destined success and a lifestyle I knew I needed to be grounded for. The purpose of this blog is to show the journey of an Artist trying to be creative in all aspects of LIVING. I don’t have one medium cause I am just a channel. God is the Artist, I am just his hand moving attached to the brush, being painted beautifully. Not sure what that means other than how I meant it.

I am coming into myself again. This blog since its return and reinvention in 12/12 was to heal so I can fulfill this purpose. Lets see what it is


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