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E.T. PHONE HOME= ERICK’s Temptation to Phone Home

I am tempted to phone home and warm up a hot cup of Chocolate. I am at my Mom’s cold every night. When I was home I was hot every night, literally. Too much heat now not enough heat. The question is what would I rather have. A hot home with a hot lady or a cold home with my Mom. I choose to be hot with the windows open so I can let my mistakes fly out the window. I also choose to be cold and be with my queen so I can wrap her in my blanket. My Blank-it is written with love poems and stitched with hope.

You never know what winter is until you experience the chill without the ones you LOVE. Summer time everyone is out and about and trying to fill it with activity and avoid negativity.

I am writing this simply to vent my unorganized thoughts and shit out my back up emotions.

I give thanks for this day and the days spent trying to make a woman proud. I give thanks that I failed so now I a can find the map to my treasure chest where my heart will spend the winnings.

I feel energy in a different way today.

My sleep has been off cause I’ve been consumed by dreams trying to catch the meaning.

I am positive and proactive more than ever. I am bored no more forever.

I was afraid to admit I’ve became bored, and lost the man I built from the ground up. Really I just misplaced the blueprint. Now we back on the job site, and I haven’t lost a floor to my building.

Words let out, is freedom for a war over and well fought by an enstranged soldier.

If you read this and it makes no sense.It is supposed to. The idea is express and decipher later.


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1/27/13 9:56am


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