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What a week!

Why such a week?

Where should such a week have been experienced any better?

When would’ve been a better week?

I am in the moment wondering what everything means, when news can be bad or can be turned where it is felt the most. But still I ask why!

The real and only question is WHO shall I ask what to do?

When to do it?

Where to go?

And why do I listen to anything or anyone else, when I know whom has any answer  anywhere and the why answered before the question is even How! Wow that word play got a freedomewrtr tired!

The first part of this month leading up to my official new year.(1/19/2013(1976) BORN DAY)

Has been one of questions and answers. Many have been answered and still many more to ask.

The one question I ask myself……………….

How does it feel with no Love on your Bornday?”

I answer…………..

“I have nothing but LOVE with me everyday, yes I don’t have my Beloved but I know in-visable she still for I Be-LOVE in space that I wish could be filled sooner, but needed to heal and feel sooner”

I say back…………. “damn family speak english!”

As I stop talking back to myself I turn to YOU!


Sorry dont mean to point at ya, but you’re still with me.

Questions are the Answer Drug.

And I am high?

I am an addict for Knowledge! The ONE told me I don’t need any answers cause if I did I wouldn’t be able to pose the question.

Tell me what you think.

Why do you think this makes no sense?

Who could pose a better question?

Where do you ask questions?

When do you expect to recieve an answer?

Sorry I haven’t posted that much this week. Has been a rough one. I am tired and need to rest my mind. But least now I am lighter with making thoughts heard.  That is how I release and part of my meditation. WISEDOMETHEARTISAN


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