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Notable Quotable #7 Rumi

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I wanted to share this short poem by Rumi. If you don’t know about this Artisan(poet,writer,Philosopher,student and teacher of many different faiths to bridge spirit into a unified field of living, travel writer, and probably much more. Which describes my viewpoint of WDA.


Another Invitation

written by: Rumi


My mouth, my entire body, laughs.

A rose is all rose.

My loving is here with you.

You come before dawn with a torch

and take me, but my soul remains

back there alone.

Issue another invitation.

Do not ask for one without the other.

If you do not go tonight

and bring my soul to me,

I will become a loud, disruptive noise,

and I will not be making it alone.

retyped from: Rumi BRIDGE TO THE SOUL(journeys into the music of silence of the heart)

on: 1/7/13 3:56pm


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