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Daily Grind Notes entry 1

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I got up at 4:15 am, but really more like 2:00am, 3:29am, 4:01am and stretched and breathed.

I went to work and did what it do, that means made easy money!

Came home bout ………………………10 something then I had to hit Whole Pay-Check up to grab some Strawberry, banana, and apple(granny smith) for the Vita-mix smoothie with the organic Hemp protein and coconut milk.

When I got in, I jumped into my first workout of the year, trying to get back to my PT, bless up!

As they say, “I did the damn thing”, and now I am relaxed and full off that smoothie I had after my workout and shower. Now I’m Typing this with clatter in the back, no music just car passerby’s driving all Main line sort of wack(at least the motorist which got to be wack people behind the wheel)!  ya know? just playing.   lol – Lol – LOl – LOL.

As I type on,  I happen to glare at this interesting book that my mom picked up about taking a nostalgic look into your birth year, but it is more like a pamphlet.

With that being said!

In 1976( Ramram style aka Random page turn, in which I turn to a random page non pre-meditated) lol

the average rent was $220.00 per month( I needs that shit yo)

I could take my queen( yes u r, forever! ) to the movies for $2.00, and then make moves into town with a full tank of gas on 60 cents per gallon(this is crazy this keyboard, a mac mind you doesn’t have  a cent sign, there probably never was, so my fault if you trying to chump me lol).

Now what we gonna see? Okay we got Rocky and Carrie, if I know my queen I would say Carrie. A female may not be trying to see some dude getting beat down on the movie magic breakdown. Then we gonna go to some Top chizeff type restaurante and get it in the tummy. Lets drop a stack on the night. lol nah for real!

More importantly……………………

I was born! Also among some other good brothers that happen to be my Fam( people             that are close friends, almost like or more so than family)

-Rob Watson

-Omar Listenbee

Early Happy Born day to y’all. Bless up!

Now I am bout to close out. All a ramble but hopefully entertaining.

My intuition leads as I am closing out my first entry of my new blog series to listen to and share


Diamond District extra for your listening Uptown XO yU



Written on: 1/7/13  3:30pm


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