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Few words in B4 Signing out

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Today has been a day of self reflection. This year has been one of transitioning and changing a way of being set in from 2yrs of stress and guilt, pain, and every emotion in between.  It is great how listening to music and reading can get me in a meditative trance. Anyway my mind is unraveling.  My thoughts, and believe me I have a multitude are pouring out of me at a high pressured flow rate. I’ve been emptying all year and when i thought it was all out, more pushes to the surface.  

After the new year my talking slows but my creativity flows.  I’ve decided that my views of the world , my passion, my experience, my opinions, my growth, my light, my spirit, can be all experienced on this blog. Which I like to call my universe.  The number one resolution  that will change my future for myself and others that I care about is I will Listen, Listen, Listen with my whole being and hear what people are telling me and asking me for.  I’ve been blessed and supported by very special one and now it is my time to be a support. 
I keep saying this blog since my return has been erratic, emotional, and even though the writing has been consistent it hasn’t been my best.  2013 is the makeover on every dimension. I will not be who I’ve been. it is all left behind in 2012 and behind.


SEE YOU 2013…………………………………….




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