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Artisan Gourmet – entry 1

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Artisan Gourmet - entry 1  12/20/12

– Package of Trader Joe’s Shanghai Baby Bok choy


– Half of a Red onion sliced to desired thickness

– 2 cloves of fresh minced garlic

– Frontier salt-free Thai seasoning put in about
a teaspoon but I do it by eye cause I like flavor
yah mean, we don’t eat bland food.
– Celtic sea salt to tase and cracked black pepper
– Olive oil


1. in saute pan or skillet heat pan till hot then add

olive oil
2. Add minced garlic and cook for 20 seconds
3. Add red onions and cook them just to get the raw
4. season with salt and pepper
5. Add Bok Choy and cook until turns bright green
and leaves begin to wilt
6. Add Thai seasoning and more salt if needed.
Enjoy this shit yo! lol
Nah for real
Healthy eating is important!

Please people don’t kill your vegetables. Steam them till they turn bright green or their fibers begin to break down, meaning just soft. After that they are dead. The next best is to stir fry or sauté. Once again if has a green color a good judge is when it turns bright green.

2013 check weekly for Artisan gourmet entries. This will be random meals that I make that I feel inspired to share. Also check out for Smoothies and Grooves
this is my journal of me using my Vitamix blender trying different recipes from natures bounty of organic whole foods, eaten raw.
I will also share some Music that I feel speaks to the soul. Cause thats the type of food I eat.
Peace and Love


Made w/ LOVE on: 12/20/12


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