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This Aint good Writing

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This is not good writing. Repeat the title and open up with nothing agwan.

This is not good writing for a second sentence, really the third.

This is not good writing I’d say much of what I’ve written thus far on this blog.

Punctuation, placement, flow, and all types of grammatic is probably illiterate.

This may be good writing but that shit has been mixed with emotion.

One thing for sure I was creatively blocked for……………………………………..


This is at least writing on a blog I’ve been trying to write since early in the game 2011.

You know! The life an artist is writing in my book of life, came to life, after ending life still

here even though I don’t have a wife I am married to the hope, umm, Imma let that one go…..

Lost for words cause I’m trying to make ish happen.

This is aint good writing, for sure I’m make it happen.

Can’t stop rhyming  the mask of a super emcee, who know they may never see me.

Nah, for real this pat two months of this year from 11/11/12 –  12/12/12 has been filled with changes and rearranges. Moving for like the fifth time in two years, things in constant threat,


Things always in the open, had to let go of Buttafly.

fam never held or grip, or anchored a ship, the money flip, the world hip-

hop “we all the emcee’s.”

(say it again)

“we all emcee’s”

Sometimes in the game, the dj’s make record go skip


Why the record go skip.

Nah there I go letting my mind fly. Overhead I might drop that shit.

2012 has been a roller coaster. Funny thing about it was I got a true lesson on duality. There were some very positive moments that showed me my own light peaking thru. I had some great moment connecting with FAMILY(i put in all caps to signify anyone, everyone is really family at least being one with GOD. Sometimes friends can become family people who understand and  vibe with you without struggle. Yah know deeper connections not just that shallow disconnect.) where I was able to feel accepted for who I am. It has been a minute of feeling that. Way. The hardest has been not being able to get the music out that I have playing in my head. I actually started this posting around 11:00am took a break to try get some music out. Spent the time but it was blocked. But just as my writing I just need to put in the work. I am about to close this cause I am tired of this bad writing. Peace

Written on: 12/15/12  started at 11:00am

finished at 4:53pm


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