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Good morning, heading into the early afternoon, my peoples. This morning I tried something new. One of my Brothers, and part of Spas kadet Alumni put me on to a dish his Dominican wife put him on to.  So as we do and as I am doing he told me how to prepare and for me to share. I haven’t had a chance to write like I want to in the past two days, but there is always something to put down. So why not breakfast. I’ve been waking up in the past few years and haven’t really started my daily off correctly with some good food. Here and there I cook some ish like turkey bacon, hash brown, and some eggs.  Growing up, in memory of my Dad breakfast has always been my favorite meal. After years of eating American food, I got bored. With us we basically eat pastries, donuts, danishes, Pancakes, waffles, french toast, and other types of sugary unhealthy foods.  To start your day off you should get some nutrition to set the day off. 

So this brings me back to Mangu which is a typical side or main dish you will find in the Dominican republic. It is really simple and filling.  This is what you do.

Take green plantains

– peel and cut into fours

– boil in pot of water or stock to soften

– mash with fork along with some butter and whatever seasoning you like I used salt, pepper, 

  and garlic powder, add some of water used to boil to help mash and get mash potatoe 


– Fry up some eggs and put over top,  I let the yolk be a little loose to break over when cut. 

– saute some onions and put on top of eggs

Check it, it was really simple and filling and now I am good for now. This post isn’t much but I 

have to keep words coming.

written on: 12/15/12  11:30am


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