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Thought he was slipping huh? Thought to yourself he put up some post for a week, going hard, then stop, huh?

Nah. Don’t play yourself. We are grown folks, no more games it’s time to be referee.  Anyway I did something I used to do. I went to the movies. I know so what.

written on: 12/11/12  8:32pm

I went to see Life of Pi.  Story of a Indian boy cast at sea but with a bengal adult tiger, a zebra, hyena, and a monkey. Then two main characters were this indian boy and the tiger named Richard Parker. I will say no more check it out. I will say it was a great movie. It was two hours long though. If you don’t have the attention span to sit through a movie shot in an ocean and 10min on a small island. What I got out of it is God has your back and you are one with everything even a hungry tiger. I haven’t been to the movies on my own in 9yrs. I always have been able to learn through the all forms of art.  That is my whole philosophy and purpose of this blog. Much that we know about Earth, Humans, History, God, Universe, Creator, LOVE has been through the abstract multidemensional aspect of Art.

Artists of all mediums preserve revelation, insight, experiences that could only be had by being at the right place and right time.  We all create our experience. This is what I believe. We all have the ability to express and create to share and build upon the purpose of conscious humans being here. I am rambling at this point. But I am dedicated to sharing my thoughts in honor to the creator that has given me the ability to communicate.

To know about Richard Parker, watch the movie and check the allegory.  Tell me what message you got. If not. Follow me in 2013 and watch the journey. Come share it with me.

Peace and Love

written on: 12/11/12   11:58

got caught up forgot to hit send b4 12 damn


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