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Morning Rise for the good

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Good morning to all my fellow Artisans, Writers, and Readers. I woke up to a quiet morning, with nothing on my mind but LOVE, FREEDOM, and gratefulness. Got to send a Happy Birthday to my sister from another Mother Connie Mager 46. She gave me some wise words into her own introspection on her life and Life in general. I definitely give thanks for my friends, family, and my Empress.  It has been a rough week, as I had to accept a situation that has got out of control, definitely out of my control.  As I learned you cant control what is pure. And creative expression is one of those. I’ve been learning and growing preparing for these times 2012, where everyone is shifting and the world is shifting into a new dimension as it is entering into a Sun cycle. This will have all of questioning ourselves and reviewing our lives. This is a positive thing depending how grounded one is within themselves. It still a grandeur event for anyone who feels waves of thought and emotion, which sometimes is experienced as guilt over choices, anger cause of choices, regrets, accepting ones truth, etc. I knew this year by the end I would be in a different place. I knew I had to let go things in my LIFE in order for me move on to my NEW ONE. All I can say is. I’ve been working hard to heal and clear energy, knowing I am meant to play a role in the world. I am not sure how it will play out, but know that sharing my thoughts, my creativity is an important aspect of my existence here.  For those who are to follow me. Watch and share this journey with me. 

Questions for the new shift:

Will she see me again?

Will she see I that I have seen and in the light?

Will she come to the light with me?

Will we make it together?

Does she miss me enough like woman who Loves her man?

Will my come ups, put it down?



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