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Today I took myself back and got back on my scent game. What that means is for a while I haven’t’ bought any cologne. Sometimes, maybe often times when you’ve been with a partner for a while one ends up forgetting the things you did just for you. At first glance you may think I put together outfits and make sure my hair is tight and make sure you smell good, cause your trying to find someone to be attracted to you. Then when I sit back and think I ask why do we feel the one your with for a while doesn’t deserve to have those qualities. You may have already won them but you can quickly lose them. The lesson for me is don’t lose yourself. I used to stay up on making sure I smelled good when I left the house. Not that I been smelling like shit. But damn I can smell like the Egyptians. Moral is if you haven’t tried oils as a perfume or cologne give it a try. No chemicals and last longer on the skin. 


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