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Sitting in front of my Mac. Listening to Akello Light. Give thanks to bro Rob for putting me on to this. If never heard of Akello Light check him out. He is from North Carolina bringing out a sound that you normally wouldn’t hear. He produces his beats and also rhymes on his hip-hop tracks and sings or speaks rhythmic mantras over deep, new age house grooves. What I like bout this Artist is when you check him out on you dont see a picture of him, what you will see are pictures of various beautiful woman. I would assume from his music/lyrics and the interludes that these are woman who have been a part of his life and some crushes like Cree Summers. As I sit here songs come on that speak to my current issue in my life. If you look back to my first posts as I started this blog you see I was in the process of losing my 9 year relationship. I have to keep myself in check and remember this is just a separation so we can get things in perspective. Sometimes in relationships you can get caught in being in a relationship cause your trying to live up to a standard.  It is easy to blame the other person for setting those up. But in many cases as I am learning you set those up based off your own complexes and neurosis. For me I never had parents that were up on each other. They had totally separate lives. My father was a golfer who drank Gordans gin. Mother was an ordained minister who filled most of her time with church related things. Their separation was more due to them not getting along and not being on the same page.  I often hear many woman problem with men is them not being attentive to the relationship always out and not taking care of their womans needs mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. I thought I was being a good man by not being out all the time. The unique thing about my story is we been together for 9yrs. Two years in we decided to go into business together, which is because we have a great relationship. We didn’t argue much or have many of the issue many couples have. We both took for granted the risk of going into business together and how the time we spent together would double, and could triple, which happened due to the circumstance of falling prey to the economy and all the hard work and patience and sacrifice going down the drain. To make a long story short She was able to pick up with a job, and do very well. I wasnt as blessed at the moment in regards to financial security. And like many woman do who LOVE their man. She held things down. It became too much, which is totally understandable.  She isn’t even a woman who is about money, and dependency on a man. I am not one who is dependent on others or have expectation of others. It is humbling to see that life allows you to be everyone. Denial only makes it worst. With all of that being said. I lost WisdedometheArtisan which is one who:

1. Wakes up in the morning and gives thank to Creation for the ability to create. And to be one

with the CREATOR and be creator of your life.

2. Meditates all day and is grounded in breath and stilling the mind.

3 Lives in the present moment. Makes no plans except for what needs to be planned to be in

the world. He or she is in the world but knows they are not of it, but also not above or

separate from the world the find themselves in.

4. Has no expectations of others or Life other than to Learn

5. Master the Art of Listening

6. Everything you do think like an Artist

a.Use your eyes and see the world multidimensionally . Always remember you created what

see cause you agreed it is real.

b. Use you ears. Everything is subject matter, inspiration, and idea of what you need to learn


7. Think for yourself, Create for Yourself first then The World which is you will benefit.

All of this came out of listening to music and letting the Artist in me which is the Writer teach me. This all flows without pre- thought. This Blog will be a journey. Watch, Listen, and Pay attention 12/6/12 – 12/12/12. World is shifting. This blog is my documentation.


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