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What up with the Sauce?

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What up with the Sauce?
I had an idea. Let me use the leftover FETTUCCINI I had got last Saturday from Carlino’s and not waste it by being spoiled and spending more money.

Ok, what should put on it? I don’t want marinara again even though that shtz was bangin’ yo. 
How about I try their Pesto. I go there ready to spend $4.00 and the label read $7.75. I am like dizzam I love myself but I am not tr

ying spend that for a little bit of leftover pasta.

One would ask what is $3.00 for some Pesto sauce claimed to be homemade!
I would say you figure?

So I head down to Whole foods and see whats up with their pesto sauce. I go and see this big bear brand knowing where there is bears no one thinking about eating any Pesto, but who knows, obviously I don’t. That cost $6.99

I go search for another pesto cause I wasn’t looking for a jarred jawn on the shelf. I want that Fresh, cause I stay Fresh.

I see this brand called Farm at Red Hill, I read the label and it sounds cool. 
Of course there is no price on it, all them items and the only one I come across without a prizice. I ask this worker, she ask someone else, He ask someone else, and I find that it is $4.99. I grab it, but now I am thinking it may be whack. 

So I let yall know.

What up with the Sauce?


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  1. This was pretty funny. I’m happy to see you’re back on your blogging.

    • THANK YOU. I never been off of my goal. I’ve been organizing and putting together my blog since we got into Carpenter. As an Artist feeling depressed and stuck with money made hard for me to do it. I miss you and hope we will see how inspiring we are together than apart. Sometimes our world needs to get shaken to get us to move in our destined direction. I am proud of you. And hope and wish your were proud of me. Overall
      Talk to you when your ready. Always with more Love than realize


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