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Do I have to?

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Do I have to see my mistakes?


Do I have to be mistaken?

           Right Now I do.

Do I have to sit out and wait to be called back in?

          No, don’t sit, stand up and run towards her, after winning the game

           get in there! 

Do you miss me Now?

      I hope so!

      Maybe not Now but soon!

      I do miss her Now, later, and before!

Do I deserve to lose my Queen?


Do I have to move on to another day when I just woke up?

              I move on everyday. I want to wake up everyday with you!


Question is the answer drug. 


          I AM overdosing.

I am an addict for knowledge and realize I forgot who I AM.

Is this the test, you supported me in study to pass.

If it is then let this be the final exam before I graduate with the Honor to be your King.


It has been a long time of me allowing my Love to heal me. I am an Artisan. I created this life so I can color in the canvas. Let me be mastered by the master to become the Master of Myself

Whom has been challenged, to correct and preserve, and recreate.


Reading this one may be like what is this. It is pain of mistakes I’ve made to woman who has held me down. It is a shame you work hard to have the best life to find you got stuck. I forgive myself, and will let words be the Healing.


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