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Back in the Wave(6/7/11- posted at 1:24 am 6/8)

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The wave is back crashing upon my coolness. Heated like conflicts and arguments my body reaches for a better condition with wings to catch some air.

The day started off not too hot for me, until about 3 this afternoon. At the top of the day I am ready for the temperature to fall. Poetry is a part of me like humidity is a part of Philly Summers.

It is here with spring escaping out the back door.



Well I apologize it is 6/8/11 and no post for 6/7/11

I started this post than, paused to eat, then got caught up with the Heat vs Mavericks. The game was tight all the way through and went to the last second with Wade choking on receiving the pass. the Mavs slid by to a tie in the series. I came home and forgot to post before midnight. To me until i go to sleep it is still the same day.

So this is posted at 1:23 am

Peace and Love


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