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Second week- First Day

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Yes it is the second week of June.  it seems just like a inhale ago it was June 1st, on the out breath it is 1:26 pm in the afternoon.

I had a shadow training this morning with a client who flew in from Arizona to continue on his workout regimen. What I mean by shadow training is I went with my partner/owner/friend to meet this gentleman and introduce myself to let him know I will be training for the remainder of the week.  You didn’t know?

I am a personal trainer as well as an Artist. As I will show you’re an Artist in all that you do. You learn the skill or technique and them let go of the form and master the content. Then when you get in an environment you use what the moment provides and keep it flowing. Sort of like when I freestyle(rap without no planned verse)!

This is the first day of another 24 hour stretch to loosen up the bolts on this machine we called life. Machines break down but the True Living run off  Free energy(shout out to Nikola Tesla)!


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