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I  started this post off listening to a instrumental mix called Paramind (Russian Producer-BMB Space kid). I get sparked off of music.



Turn your attention to real life (and away from your thoughts), and you will drop into the experience of Essence. -Gina Lake


I was reading this blog post from, and the Author made this quote which started my day. What it meant to me was stop thinking and don’t push life. Let life push you with trust that where you land is where your supposed to be to have the best experience here on Earth. We all think the only thing real is what is normal, or what you see the world doing. The real world from my perspective is not with struggle, sacrifice, and conflict over what makes one happy. The trick is how to use your body in this world and have your mind focussed in the real world. Today my world was filled with inspiration. Me and my lady went to the 80th annual Rittenhouse  Fine Art show. This was the first time I have gone but it was inspiration. Most of my life I have had a passion for Art and creative expression. I have always been magnetically attracted to creative people. It is true that people of the same kind recognize each other. I always believed that artist are the backbone of the world we perceive, by giving us a view of something we couldn’t possibly see in as many multidimensional levels as we feel.  Yeah I know, “WTF does that mean?”

It means most of what one sees in this world was created through thought and then had to be brought out in the world to be experienced for the first time(inventor). Then some one who had an eye captured it in their interpretation( painter). Then there may be some one with a pen in hand who wrote what they felt when they experienced the created and recreated it from words(poet). Then you have a man who sits in front of a Mac trying to interpret it all.

As you can see I think with the wind letting it take where my muse is destined to land. I pay homage to the Artist I met today and them sharing themselves and inspiring me to write this with freedom and abandonment. That right folks, I am finished hitting keys. Peace


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