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“How I met your Mother” Wisdom

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No matter what you’re doing God is speaking to us through the world. Think about it if God responded to this madness directly would you believe.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing the Truth is right in front of you just like the Lie.

What is the Lie?

That can be for another Post.


Back to the How I met your Mother. For those who don’t know it is a show that was on prime time T.V. (ABC, CBS, or one of those stations).

While watching the syndication that comes on WB network, one of the character said: “Sometimes you have to Man up and go for it”

It spoke to me and many Men in the world going through an identity crisis.

The crisis is: what it means to be a man has changed as the world has changed to support the feminine energy.

Ponder on this and stay tuned for more thought-provoking statements.

peace and Love


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