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Ducking in June

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Here we go, another day to give Thanks. Three days after the solar eclipse and New Moon and still feeling the effects. I don’t know how it has been for you, but it has been a stirring week bringing all things to the surface. One thing I realized a while ago is the deeper you are the more gets pushed to the bottom. Yesterday I made a comment about May leading up to Now.

” The whole planet seems to be going through a Tornado ”

Everything is being put to the test. the economy, health, relationships, government, dreams, men, woman, trees, polar bear, lions. Yeah I threw in the animals thinking about last week watching stand comedy and every commercial was those animal going extinct adopt infomercial, trying to make you cry after a laugh. It is like media people design this programming to stir your emotions. Then you wonder why America going through all these crises. Well once again these are just rough around the edge thoughts spilling from my finger tips as I punch keys.

Now comes to the meaning of the title of this blog. Today I was enjoying the beautiful day sitting in front of Haverford College duck pond.  I was there to read and contemplate ,when I guess it was lunch time for the duckies.  I know that healthy chickens that we should be eating, feed on grass in open fields.  I didn’t think about it but Ducks it eat grass too. They all gathered right in front of me while o  the bench and ate grass. I had ducks less than 10 feet from me.  I don’t know if they usually get that close to humans, but it was cool.

The day and the ducks inspired me to write this POEM

Picture perfect day sitting w/ books and pen in hand,

watching the world speak silently through the storms of life.

If I could draw my inner visions, then I could color them in with your amusement.

I draw upon each breath to escape death, Now is my time to LIVE


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