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I awake to another day, and today the heat wave has ended.  Yesterday everyone I saw was bothered by the heat. I have to admit it was hot, but I’ve also noticed that it really is all in thinking about it and believing it.

Think about this, you have cultures that have initiation ceremonies where the members go through stages of clearing their minds, mostly from fear.  Once they’ve got to that point or at least think they are.  They’re led through taking their body through tests, which for most of us would be considered extreme . You see groups of people walking over hot coals or glass.  These people whom have done intense inner work to release fear do what is asked of them and have none of the effects or wounds or pain that you or I would have. So the question is, does the body get scolded or do we scold ourselves by our mind? Is it really hot outside or do we agree that it is and then  it is.

Over the past 5 yrs I’ve TRIED to not judge or complain about the weather, as a conscious practice. What I’ve discovered is that the instant I say out loud or to myself  “Damn it is hot “, I immediately feel heated. When someone else says it and I agree, I feel hot. When I am just moving with out judgement it just is.

So the lesson is are you pushing your belief to the limits by thinking about what you don’t want.  Then guess what? You feel limited by the conditions.

I am pushing past my belief that I am in writer’s block. My documentation of this new Journey back to Myself is all in consistency. I will hit these keys everyday, until my melody returns and I am the Mozart of classic living.

I love words and the way they sound. I even like the sound of my own voice until I realized that the song I was singing was:

I am lost but I  know I be found/

I wanna get up, but I keep falling down/

I have a dream of making me it big/

But what comes up is a man who feels small/

I felt the world against me wishing on my fall/

I believed I was tough, I can take them and show them all/

Now the song ends.  This whole song kept me from seeing I am Loved and supported and I’ve allowed my Ego to push me to being not respected and believed in.

The main reason for writing is for getting out your thoughts and forgiving and letting the world know your Human and share the same struggle.

I am in pain and getting my healing by doing what I’ve been training for. If it is never too late to change your life around. Than this my only goal for Now. Check for the blog series I will be starting called:

Mind over sexes-This will be my observations, my direct experience , my discussions with real Men and Woman. I hope to show the thinking of Men and woman and how not talking about and accepting each other as having different perspectives and feeling the world causes unnecessary conflicts. I will share my honest opinion and hopefully challenge and inspire.

Check for more series and better writing. I am going through a restructuring of identity and this is my therapy.


As I finished this post and posted an hour ago. It now being 11:00 am. I see where my mind is at. My grammar was poor. Most of my sentence structure was off. As I said I am going through it hard. But that is what being Real is about. Many hide themselves and only show of when on top or when they appear to be on top. I am re-learning or should I say remembering my position. 


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