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Lost Champion Who’s bound to Win

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Still the same day and still reflecting my hours away. The truth is my mirror.

When I watch t.v. even since a young buck, I was able to see someone’s lesson being professed. The lesson for me is: What is a Man? Who Am I to me and who am I to who matters most? Questions test your intelligence so that’s why I am in constant inquiry in my last days. So here marks the end of a failed plan I had of myself designed at 29, entering into my thirties a future goal to be achieved in five.  Like every man generically I wanted to be able to marry a beautiful woman and have children, nice home, vehicle paid, handle all the bills and be loyal and dependable.  I wanted to take it a step further and follow my dreams of having my own business, and be able to run a respectable company with a good team. I wanted to be able to pay them well and have them handle what I’ve set up. I wanted to be the exception to all those who’ve failed in their attempts to run a flourishing business. Well as you can read between these lines that I came up short. It is hard to admit that you’re not as smart as you would proclaim. In these past few days I’ve learned some important things about myself. One , is that I lost myself, but I am not a loser.  I remember, but the important people in my life forgot. My ego is left, I Am right. I am strong, but was convinced I was weak. God’s plan is for me to win, my plan is to lose.  Now I have opened my eyes. what do I see  NOW. Well this is what this post is about. May 31, 2011 is the end of  my dream. The person I am today is taking his last breath.  This time last year my father took his last breath(for real). What I’ve learned from his life here and the lessons he left behind is if he had the opportunity at 35 as I do today, he would start to live and pay attention to what matters. Living means something different to everyone. June 1, 2011 is a birth of a new man. Everyday I will share my journey back to the Real World. I can admit these first posts represent a dismantling and being putting back together. Expect inspiration, laughs, music, poetry, love, truth and no lies. Peace and Love


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  1. I’ve been in this emotional and personal space. You’re doing the right thing by embracing the renewal. It can be a challenging journey but the journey is so rewarding. Give thanks for the sharing and the opportunity before you. KEEP MOVING.


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